this is...

what are you feeling now? i almost fine, ...maybe.

i love reading very much, but it is only my favorite authors.
this is reading note for me, and something?, like small world in me.
if there is someone h
as interest in it, do a comment pls as you like.

and i also love arashi !

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i thought im going to die at the moment. seriously. because the strong earthquake hit our country with its fullforce, this afternoon.
im okay now. but there are perhaps so many people who still bearing some themselvess suffering, and waiting for someones help...
an afterquake keeps on happening fitfully still now. i wish mom will sleep well.
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today is a national holiday, the one of many. and... snowing all day :(
with mom, watch tv, talk to each other about many things(or rather have been just hearing, almost?), play with my cats, reading something what all i can grab, and done today... argh.
it is okay, really, nothing, to me.
but hearing nothing important for nth hours is unbearably exhausted. i couldnt help boring despite commanded to myself, hear her, all the time.
why... does she like to talk about that kind of things? sorry mom, but i cant understand anything. nor say it to her either. huh. maybe it is my job for her sanity somehow, i think. only mine.

well, to be honest, i almost forgot to post in here. yes, im very airhead, i know.
and im always thinking about a person who disappeared someday in fall 2009. i too know i cant search for the person besides have no clue to do so. it hurt so much. kind of.
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but... i had been felt disappointed a bit because my desktop hard drive(is this correct it called so?) had broken that my friend reported me, since then. uuuuuurg, my arashi files!! TT
i can not stand anymore that keeping to not make a move, if there is something i can rescue it. stay calm, me.
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today was a warm day. i met satoshi-kun(unfortunatly not ohno ;;) with mom and friends for lunch at marunouchi.
i was giggling myself secretly when he gave me and mom two plastic bags along saying this is chocolate, because it will be a white day tomorrow.
this is how it is that still i didnt give him a valentines day chocolate because we didnt have a chance to meet until today.
anyway, i gave him a bag of paper, two chocolate stuffs in it.
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i have been feeling to sick something since about last fall, actually.
it is itch my own upperbody, but had been didnt know why. besides i ignored it because i wanna refuse to sick something, i failed to ignore the itch though.
finally, the problem was end for a medicine. i had caught urticaria again. aw, again.....
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it is already starting a new year.
i had some things in my mind that really completely no need for me.
but im so happy now since when if i noticed my importance.
im wondering that thank to something, but what is it?

all i saying a happy new year!
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im simple person i think. very. immediatery.
i just stop here and there that i have what dont like things in front of me.
actually, i have to do things right now, i had know though...
the time rimit has com soon, and i moving slowly while shove my thought at somewhere.
awwww... i should really going to do but it will be tommorow... aha ^^;
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tb / all / n.h
 BGM : 逢いたくて(aitakute) / V6

im crying. just painfull... ending is happy, though.
the hero, character : N has a sad thing that was lost all own life.
althouth N is always all alone, but N get back precious one's heart.

anyway, love story is so amusing and enjoyable.
im tired, too much too fun...
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today was dating with satoshi kun! unfortunately not ohno......
i bought a cute note, fufu, im so happy.

but... i didnt going out there coz i really really wanted to reading!!
am i curious person?
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