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today is a national holiday, the one of many. and... snowing all day :(
with mom, watch tv, talk to each other about many things(or rather have been just hearing, almost?), play with my cats, reading something what all i can grab, and done today... argh.
it is okay, really, nothing, to me.
but hearing nothing important for nth hours is unbearably exhausted. i couldnt help boring despite commanded to myself, hear her, all the time.
why... does she like to talk about that kind of things? sorry mom, but i cant understand anything. nor say it to her either. huh. maybe it is my job for her sanity somehow, i think. only mine.

well, to be honest, i almost forgot to post in here. yes, im very airhead, i know.
and im always thinking about a person who disappeared someday in fall 2009. i too know i cant search for the person besides have no clue to do so. it hurt so much. kind of.
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