i have two cats.
named hiko and spot.

and, hiko has a... sick?
i dont know what kind of that, but has symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting.
like linked just my feeling... coz the bad weather? tokyo had rain...
getting better my precious.
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bus / 1-6 / f -c
 BGM : believe / Elliott Yamin

my mind is now, has been extremely shaken.
i dont know what i say... that is soooooooooo great!!!
while hearing "believe" by Elliott Yamin, my tears had never stop.
uhhhh...... such a much BGM!!!
i feel to tired like seeing a full movie with focusing the mind...

and, i have a little confused.
a part of in this story, i had seen in my dream before......
Deja vu?????


i had a dream of my father.
died from the first time.

when I went to the hospital every day that my father was in, why , "Beautiful Days" by arashi had just heard.
the night my father died, back from the hospital scene coincided with that song.
stars like a falling down, beautiful and quiet was a cold night.
from there, "Beautiful Days" have not heard.

father in the dream, and died younger than was the skin with a beautiful gloss.
the skin was a beautiful person he was.
how did his face any. not remember......

ah......i really like Justin Timberlake's songs. sweet, spicy and hot, ne?
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(Another Song) All Over Again

LG / 5 /sd -c
 BGM : (Another Song) All Over Again / Justin Timberlake

first, the story started to move out of the blue, and often get stuck, i still continued to feel uncomfortable reading...
but been getting very interesting!!
i read this part in particular, just an impressive scene, the mystery has been lifted.
their struggle with the characters wear a rational comparison of the surface state. Well, i think.
in writing techniques, what felt cheated.

the final scene, lifted by confessing the mystery of the character : M in the sad scene comes up in my mind, BGM "(Another Song) All Over Again " to.
linked to the M's feelings, feel like crying.

Miss Independent / Crush

P / all / z
 BGM : Miss Independent / Ne-Yo
             Crush / David Archuleta

anyway......i looooove this story!!!
not only the story, and that draw all the characters are lively and well, just a deployment tempo of the story.
but above all..., choice of words, sentence writing is really like.
i can not in good terms, it's my favorite type!!!

BGM in this story, "Miss Independent" to. with a mischievous characters who, the story is a perfect light.
well...... character : S in the scene is coming out, spilling "Crush" began in my mind.
he is too nice, and it is just giving up loving one to other one. soooo painful! TT

i love reading, anyway, reading.

i love reading soooo much! that is my important hobby since i was child.
until i graduate from elementary school, spending my all money has gone into books charge, and from junior high school just added to music ... CDs charge.
i have nothing else.
but i had never catch into trouble when i was in the job interview, had reading, i think even now.
president, raised in the story from some books. the man who talking to me......, i knew that he is the president, since I had joined. idiot me?

when i read the sentences, their words is spinning a miniature scenes, the film is starting in my head.
when the information is not in the text, looking for some missing tips, stop and think many times.
in this scene, this person is wearing a dress like this, have a face like this...etc.
through inconsistent with full-length, feeling has incompatibility.
and reading, for me, like it's a one watching movies.
scene like the recall to enjoy many times., reading is very slow. ^^;

but that's not anything good.
just want to read the works of my favorite author.
because time for reading is my bliss, it's a precious time.
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